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Providence is the Rhode Island State Capitol
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 State: Rhode Island
Population and (rank):
   1,003,464 (1990)(44)
   1,048,319 (2000 est.)
Land Area and (rank):
   1,045 square miles
   (2,706 sq km) (50)

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   Rhode Island   
State of Rhode Island image
"The Ocean State"
Motto: "Hope"
Union Member Since May 29, 1790 (13)

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Population Estimates
  United States  Rhode Island   
July 1, 2006  299,398,484  1,067,610   
July 1, 2005  296,507,061  1,073,579   
July 1, 2004  293,638,158  1,078,930   
July 1, 2003  290,796,023  1,074,783   
July 1, 2002  288,125,973  1,068,568   
July 1, 2001  285,226,284  1,058,510   
July 1, 2000  282,216,952  1,050,836   
April 1, 2000  281,424,602  1,048,319  Estimates Base 
April 1, 2000  281,421,906  1,048,319  Census 2000 

Rhode Island Profile: 2005 Area Unemployment Rates
  Population     1,076,200  
  Labor Force     569,500  
  Unemployment Rate     5.0%  
  Median Household Income     $49,500  
  Per Capita Income     $35,200  
  Location     Unemployment  
  Norwich-New London, CT-RI     4.5%  
  Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MA     5.2%  

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Rhode Island's Flag - Placed on a white field is a circle of thirteen gold stars representing the first thirteen states. The stars surround a gold ship's anchor. The states motto " Hope" is on a blue ribbon below the anchor.

History of Rhode Island - From its beginnings, Rhode Island has been distinguished by its support for freedom of conscience and action, started by Roger Williams, who was exiled by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans in 1636, and was the founder of the present state capital, Providence. Williams was followed by other religious exiles who founded Pocasset, now Portsmouth, in 1638 and Newport in 1639. Rhode Island's rebellious, authority-defying nature was further demonstrated by the burnings of the British revenue cutters Liberty and Gaspee prior to the Revolution, by its early declaration of independence from Great Britain in May 1776, its refusal to participate actively in the War of 1812, and by Dorr's Rebellion of 1842, which protested property requirements for voting. Rhode Island, smallest of the fifty states, is densely populated and highly industrialized. It is a primary center for jewelry manufacturing in the U.S. Electronics, metal, plastic products, and boat and ship construction are other important industries. Non-manufacturing employment includes research in health, medicine, and the ocean environment. Providence is a wholesale distribution center for New England. Two of New England's fishing ports are at Galilee and Newport. Rural areas of the state support small-scale farming, including grapes for local wineries, turf grass, and nursery stock. Tourism is one of Rhode Island's largest industries, generating over a billion dollars a year in revenue. Newport became famous as the summer capital of society in the mid–19th century. Touro Synagogue (1763) is the oldest in the U.S. Other points of interest include the Roger Williams National Memorial in Providence, Samuel Slater's Mill in Pawtucket, the General Nathanael Greene Homestead in Coventry, and Block Island.

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