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 Local Weather:
Springboro, PA, US
Wind: 6 mph N
Humidity: 97%
Visibility: 0.1 mi
Preasure: 30.28 in rising
Sun Rise: 7:26 am  Set: 4:54 pm
Now: 40°F | Cloudy
Windchill: 36°F
Sat: AM Showers
Hi: 44°F, Low: 30°F
Sun: Partly Cloudy
Hi: 46°F, Low: 28°F

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, , , Andersons Corner, Athens, Crawford County, Beaver Center, Beaver, Crawford County, Black Ash, Blacks Corner, Bloomfield, Crawford County, Blooming Valley, Britton Run, Brown Hill, Cambridge, Cambridge Springs, Center Road, Centerville, Crawford County, Clappville, Cochranton, Conneaut Center, Conneaut Lake, Conneaut Lake Park, Conneaut, Crawford County, Conneautville, Conneautville Station, Coons Corners, Crossingville, Cussewago, Custards, Dantown, Deckard, Delamater Corners, Dennys Corners, Dicksonburg, Drakes Mills, East Fairfield, East Fallowfield, Crawford County, East Mead, East Titusville, East Wayne, Espyville, Fairfield, Crawford County, Fauncetown, Ferris Corners, Five Corners, Fountain House Corners, Franklin Pike Corners, Frenchtown, Geneva, Greenwood, Crawford County, Gresham, Guys Mills, Harmonsburg, Hartstown, Hatchtown, Hayfield, Hickernell, Hydetown, Kantz Corners, Keborts Corners, Kerrtown, Lincolnville, Linesville, Little Cooley, Littles Corners, Luces Corners, Lynces Junction, Lyona, McLaughlin Corners, Meadville, Meadville Junction, Millers Station, Mosiertown, Mystic Park, Neason Hill, New Richmond, Norrisville, North Shenango, Oil Creek, Onspaugh Corners, Paperville, Pennline, Pine, Crawford County, Pinney Corners, Porters Corners, Randolph, Riceville, Richmond, Crawford County, Rockdale, Rockdale Acres, Rome, Crawford County, Rootville, Rundell, Sadsbury, Crawford County, Saegertown, Shadeland, Shaws Corners, Shaws Landing, Shermansville, Skeltontown, South Shenango, Sparta, Spartansburg, Spring, Spring, Crawford County, Springboro, Steamburg, Steuben, Stewartville, Summerhill, Crawford County, Summit, Crawford County, Teepleville, Thompsons Mills, Tillotson, Titusville, Townville, Troy Center, Troy, Crawford County, Tryonville, Turner, Tuttle Lake, Union, Crawford County, Venango, Venango, Borough, Crawford County, Venango, Township, Crawford County, Vernon, Vrooman, Waring, Watson Run, Wayland, Wayne, Crawford County, West Fallowfield, Crawford County, West Mead, West Shenango, West Vernon, Woodcock, Woodcock Grange, Woodcock, Borough, Woodcock, Township,

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Shadeland, PA 16435
Crawford County
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Mortgage Industry News for the Week Ended Apr. 4, 2014


A trio of counties in Georgia have filed a federal lawsuit against Bank of America Corp. alleging that predatory lending practices led to foreclosures that cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Subsidiaries of the Charlotte, North Carolina-based financial services firm allegedly targeted black and Hispanic borrowers with subprime mortgages that stripped them of equity.

The lawsuit claims that BofA's practices contributed to foreclosures -- exacting huge economic costs, including lost tax revenues due to falling property values costs tied to vacant properties.


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Pennsylvania Quick Facts
Pennsylvania State Capitol
Pennsylvania State Seal
Hemlock - The State Tree of Pennsylvania
Ruffed Grouse - The State Bird of Pennsylvania
Mountain Laurel - The State Flower of Pennsylvania

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